Industrial Engineering student at Universidad de Chile. Teacher Asistant in Operations Management and Finance II.
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Using guide of Investpy Library

Many times you need stock data from companies that do not have data at Yahoo Finance, especially, from countries outside the US. Investing has data from all over the world, let’s learn how to get it.

I am a Chilean student and most of the time I need data from stocks that aren’t in Yahoo Finance; or if they are, it doesn’t have that much historical data.

An alternative to Yahoo Finance is Investing, it has stocks from companies all over the world and I’m going…

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Modeling Stock Prices in Python.

Get to know the huge powers of a Brownian Motion and Monte-Carlo simulation to model real-life daily stock prices such as Apple’s.

Let’s say that you want to invest in Apple stock this year and you want to know with 95% confidence the lowest price and the highest price the stock can achieve. This can be done by using Brownian Motion and Monte-Carlo simulation to effectively model the stock price.

Table of Contents

  • Description of…

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A mathematical approach to creating and plot the Efficient Frontier from scratch, just with Pandas and Numpy library.

In this article, we will talk about how to obtain the entire Efficient Frontier from only two solutions to the Markowitz Problem and how to make a great plot of it. Let’s get into it.

I will address the following topics:

  • What is the Two-Fund Theorem?
  • How to obtain the…

In this article I will show you how to create and efficient portfolio and the importance of choosing uncorrelated assets

The following topics will be addressed in this post:

  • How to get the stocks data from Yahoo Finance directly with Python.
  • Plotting the price and returns of the stocks.
  • How to get the logarithmic returns from the prices.
  • Calculate the annual expected return with CAPM and pyportfolioopt library.
  • Compute the…

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